Journals' Dissemination Scores*  (DS) are calculated as the sum of values taken from two different variable types. The first is Citation Score (CS). CS criteria and abbreviations are shown in the table below. The calculation of this value is given in formula 1. Second, Basic Score (BS), calculated by taking into account the basic criteria of the journal (Formula 2). Finally, the sum of these two scores is taken and the DS is calculated ( DS = CS+BS).


Citation score variables
Variables Abbreviation
Total citations of the journal (all) TC
Total citations of articles published in the last two years TCLT
Total publication of the journal (all) TP
Total publication of the journal for the last two years TPLT
Number of non-cited publications of the journal (all) TNC
Number of publications of the journal in the last two years without any citations TNCLT
Journal age AGE


Basic Informations of the journals
Is the journal charge in any way? If no =10
The level of internationality of the editorial board Total number of different countries of the Board Members / Total numbers of the Board Members x 10
Open access policy If yes =5
Is the journal published regularly? If yes =5
Is the journal use Digital Object Identifier (Doi)? If yes =20
Is Journal indexed in any other indexes? SSCI= 30; ESCI=15; Scopus= 15; CABI=8; DOAJ, Ebsco= 5





*Bilgindex   reserves the right to change these calculations